The T.O. Disaster

17 Oct

If you don’t know who Terrell Owens is then you probably don’t watch much ESPN. To catch you up, Terrell Owens plays professional football for the Cincinnati Bengals. Although many consider Owens to be one of the best players in the game, this wide receiver is known more for his dramatic off-the-field antics. Over his 14-year career, T.O. has been involved in multiple team controversies with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, a report of a suicide attempt in 2007, and an incident in which he spit in another player’s face.

If that is not enough to ruin his image, T.O. has now finished up his second season on VH1’s The T.O. Show, a show following the football player and his two publicists Kita Williams and Monique Jackson. An attempt to display another side of Owens, the show actually treats him as a supporting cast member, focusing mostly on the life of public relations professionals Williams and Jackson.

I don’t know whose idea it was to create The T.O. Show, but it definitely doesn’t help Owens’ image. In my eyes, Williams and Jackson are so hungry for fame that they say anything to make T.O. look like an easily-manipulated fool for a few laughs. In fact, the show doesn’t highlight many positive features in Owens’ life. As the show follows his quest for a romantic relationship, T.O. appears like an emotionally-unstable wreck. In addition, in one episode he shares that he doesn’t know if he loves football anymore and that he wants to focus on being a fashion model – not a good things for Bengal executives, players, and fans to hear.

T.O. may be an adult who can make his own decisions, but it is the job of a publicist to help create a positive image for the client. Somewhere among the flashing lights is where Williams and Jackson forgot what they are supposed to be doing.


2 Responses to “The T.O. Disaster”

  1. chelseycomm4333 November 17, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    If you are representing a client, in this case, Terrell Owens, your job is to make them look good. If you choose to be apart of a reality show that ultimately blemishes the image of your client, that is contradicting what is expected of you while you are working for your client. Personally, I enjoy some reality tv now and then, but if I were representing Owens, I don’t think I would make the choice to have a reality tv show like his representatives have. I think it’s worth noting that although he has tons of money and fame, he still shows that something is missing and he wants someone to love him.


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