Lebron Strikes Back

26 Oct

When Lebron James made his “decision” this summer the world exploded. NBA fans and former players criticized one of the greatest basketball players of all time after he made announced his new team – the Miami Heat.The whole process was a circus show. Lebron had everyone on their toes, wondering what he was going to do. Each day Lebron had a new team in mind. He was going to stay in Cleveland, then try out life in NYC for the Knicks, then back to Cleveland, then Miami, then New Jersey, then Cleveland. Sports analysts were convinced Lebron wouldnt’ turn away from his hometown. However, it turned out that he stuck a dagger right through the heart of Cleveland Cavalier fans on national television, not to mention other teams who thought they had a shot at landing “The King.”

In an attempt to clear up his tarnished image, Lebron shot this Nike commercial. Throughout the clip, Lebron asks “What should I do?” During the summer, people were always in his ear, telling him which direction to go. It appears that his friends made some bad decisions. I believe this commercial doesn’t help Lebron’s image at all. He proves that he is blaming all of those “friends” rather than taking responsibility for his own mistakes. Lebron still  has a lot of growing up to do. What do you think? Check it out for yourself.


10 Responses to “Lebron Strikes Back”

  1. daverlapham October 27, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    LeBron did Cleveland one did dirty, thats for sure. It seems like his publicist would have been on top of the situation making sure that the public and LeBorn did not get out of hand with the matter. It is interesting that he attempted to fix things with this commercial, and I agree %100, this only hurt him by blaming it on others. Way to go LeBron, all time low.

  2. ebluemling October 27, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    For whatever reason, I could not get the video to play. It was chopping in and out. I wish I could have seen the new commercial with Lebron in it. You made a good point that at the end of the day it is still your decision of what to do. Step up and take responsibility for your own choices. There will always be people who like the choices you make and people who do not like that choices you make. I know that is common sense, but why do we get upset sometimes when people do not agree with us if we already know that truth? In the end, we have to live with the choices we make and take responsibility for them. So my answer to your question is no, I do not think that his video helps his image at all, but puts him further into the hole.

  3. jessicapr November 3, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    I don’t follow basketball. I am the ultimate girl, I guess, and I only know Lebron because of mentions in gossip mags, so I can’t quite comment on the controversy surrounding his decision and the helpful/hurtful image this commercial grants Lebron. Having said that though, I saw this commercial last week because my mother commanded me to. Going through many ups and downs these past few months (graduating this dec will do it to you) I felt like I was being pulled in every direction. I felt like everyone wanted something from me and weren’t really considering what I want. My mom was watching ESPN ( haha i have no idea why ) but this commercial came on and she text me and said look up the recent Nike commercial. So I did and the one you posted came up.

    From an outsider looking in, this commercial actually made me like Lebron. I know you view this is a negative publicity act but I actually think with people like me, who don’t know much about him, this helped me to relate. I know what it feels like to live life under pressure, not wanting to disappoint or to hurt others but sometimes you have to do what feels right to you.

    I related to Lebron and so he gained a fan. So in essence, this commercial worked.

  4. kewood10 November 10, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    In Lebron’s defense I’m sure there was a lot of pressure put on him during the deciding time. I myself don’t personally understand why he chose to go with the Heat but he did. As far as I am aware he made that choice and he shouldn’t be pushing off that choice onto others. I feel like the video more than anything shows what he’s been through/ what he is going through. I’m not so sure that he is blaming others. I feel like the repetition of “what should I do” just correlates with the big question I’m sure he was asking himself for months.

  5. GladElf November 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    I know very little of the rigmarole that happened with LeBron leaving Cleveland. I understand that he wasn’t very political about it, but other than that I have know knowledge. I think if i did I might view this commercial in a more negative light, but I unfortunately liked the message. And that was “Be who you are, not who the public wants you to be”. He had his reasons for changing teams and I doubt we will ever really know them. But he did have his reasons and he apparently stuck to them.
    I can relate with people trying to tell you who to be and what to do and having to forge your own way through all the negative.

  6. chelseycomm4333 November 17, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    I have quite a few friends who live near Cleveland, and Lebron James is a sore subject for them. The city feels betrayed. Many of the people who tried to make sure he would have a future, feel like he’s throwing the opportunities back in their faces. Ever since he made the announcement to go to play for the Miami Heat, he’s been under attack. And the notion to make a commercial like this as a subtle retaliation is not a good idea. I think he needs to let the public settle down before he tries to forcefully change people’s opinions about him and the situation.

  7. octobern November 17, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Oh Lebron, why did you have to go about it that way? He completely ripped off the people of Cleveland by the way he left. Besides do we really want someone so shady like that representing a Florida team? I sure don’t. He was a huge superstar, and I felt he was an amazing player, but you need to have some common sense before deciding the slap the hand that fed you. If he wants to make a name for himself, then he should stop blaming others and look in a mirror.


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