RE: Creepers are Everywhere

18 Nov

After my last post “Creepers are Everywhere,” I got a pretty awesome response – Robert French, the founder of PROpenMic contacted me, apologizing for the inconvenience. He stated that PROpenMic is doing everything it can to keep the spammers away.

I really appreciate the time French took to read my blog post and e-mail me back, especially because I’m just a student. It was a great way to show users that PROpenMic cares. I just wanted to express my appreciation back!


3 Responses to “RE: Creepers are Everywhere”

  1. John Cissel November 18, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    This is awesome! Social media is often looked at as impersonal, so it is so nice to hear that they are not all just computers, but people who want to help and care about their customers. On the other hand, spammers are not fun to deal with, but it is great that they are doing all they can to get rid of them. It is professional for a site to have a minimum tolerance of spam. Very cool thought that he responded! Really builds respect on al online community basis!

  2. Robert November 18, 2010 at 10:14 pm #

    Happy to contact you, Amanda.

    Please don’t think of yourself as “I’m just a student” Amanda. You, and all the other students are the reason PROpenMic was created. :o) I want you and all the other students to have the best experience possible.

    We’ll keep trying to keep PROpenMic clean for you.

    Keep up the great work. Enjoying your blog. Take care!



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