Mary, Did you know…

16 Dec

Ok, so you’re name might not be “Mary,” but did you know that Mark Lowry is coming to Lakeland, Florida?

Wait! What!?! You don’t know who Mark Lowry is? Well here’s his (short) story:
+ Christian Recording Artist
+ Christian Comedian
+ Was part of the Gaither Vocal Band for 13 years
+ Songwriting status grew with the popular Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know?”

So, Mark Lowry is coming to Lakeland. Why?
+ Lowry has offered to do a show in Lakeland as a fundraiser for the Southeastern University Department of Communication! In fact, all proceeds go toward the university!

When? Where? How Much?
+ Wednesday, January 19 from 7:30 p.m. until 10 p.m.
+ Polk Theatre
+ Tickets cost $25 for orchestra and loge seating; $15 for mezzanine and balcony seating.

Still not sure if the show is for you? Check out this clip:

For more information about this special event check out the official Facebook page


RE: Creepers are Everywhere

18 Nov

After my last post “Creepers are Everywhere,” I got a pretty awesome response – Robert French, the founder of PROpenMic contacted me, apologizing for the inconvenience. He stated that PROpenMic is doing everything it can to keep the spammers away.

I really appreciate the time French took to read my blog post and e-mail me back, especially because I’m just a student. It was a great way to show users that PROpenMic cares. I just wanted to express my appreciation back!

Creepers are Everywhere!

17 Nov

Creeper Alert! That’s right. A creeper. Where? On PROpenMic!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on how I really liked PROpenMic and the features they offer for students studying public relations. However, my view on the site has changed since I got one creepy e-mail.

It was just a normal day. I was innocently checking my school e-mail account when I noticed I got a message from someone I didn’t know from PROpenMic. Curious, I opened it and instantly, it got awkward. Some guy happened to check out my PROpenMic profile and now wants to establish a “long-lasting relationship” with me. In addition, he sent the address to his private e-mail account. Ehhh.

Of course I just ignored it, but it got me to thinking if PROpenMic is just as dangerous as Facebook or MySpace. I know that there will always be creepers out there on the Internet, but on PROpenMic? A network created for PR people? Not what I expected. I was hoping to be contacted by a PR professional interested in networking professionally through PROpenMic, not some random person wanting to find companionship.


17 Nov

Last week in chapel, Southeastern University finally unveiled what students have been wondering about all semester –

Watch out SEU. The Critics are Coming!

what is “it?” For months, a handful of university staff, faculty, and students worked on the details of “it.” However, even though they mentioned “it” was extremely important to the school, they refused to describe what “it” was. My advanced grammar professor  even joked around with students in class, saying that he had been working on “it” all night, and that “it” made him really tired. But he had to keep working on “it” for hours through the night because “it” was very, very important. Students were not only mind-boggled by what “it” meant, but they also because frustrated, wondering why “it” was kept such a secret.

But now, “it” has been revealed. It’s the Q.E.P. or Quality Enhancement Plan. Ok, so it might not sound that interesting, but it truly is vital to the success of Southeastern University. The Q.E.P. will prove that Southeastern is taking the necessary steps to improve the campus, ensuring accreditation for the next ten years.

I believe the public unveiling of the Q.E.P. was a great idea by the campus. Because it was discussed at chapel, the school reached a large number of students. In addition, it encouraged students to engage in discussion about the new plan with students who may have missed the announcement. Even though it’s been hard for students to remember the taglines (Think it, Link it, Live it), at least students recognize that SEU is actually taking steps toward improvement, something that the accreditation board likes to see. In my opinion, good job Southeastern!

P.S. The tagline “Think It, Link It, Live It” should not be confused with “Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It.” We’re not at Coldstone Creamery. Seriously, I heard a student say that was the tagline.

Lebron Strikes Back

26 Oct

When Lebron James made his “decision” this summer the world exploded. NBA fans and former players criticized one of the greatest basketball players of all time after he made announced his new team – the Miami Heat.The whole process was a circus show. Lebron had everyone on their toes, wondering what he was going to do. Each day Lebron had a new team in mind. He was going to stay in Cleveland, then try out life in NYC for the Knicks, then back to Cleveland, then Miami, then New Jersey, then Cleveland. Sports analysts were convinced Lebron wouldnt’ turn away from his hometown. However, it turned out that he stuck a dagger right through the heart of Cleveland Cavalier fans on national television, not to mention other teams who thought they had a shot at landing “The King.”

In an attempt to clear up his tarnished image, Lebron shot this Nike commercial. Throughout the clip, Lebron asks “What should I do?” During the summer, people were always in his ear, telling him which direction to go. It appears that his friends made some bad decisions. I believe this commercial doesn’t help Lebron’s image at all. He proves that he is blaming all of those “friends” rather than taking responsibility for his own mistakes. Lebron still  has a lot of growing up to do. What do you think? Check it out for yourself.

Future Food!

19 Oct

This summer, in order to better myself, I decided to take advantage of all television had to offer. No, I didn’t watch soap operas or afternoon talk shows, and, no, I’m not being sarcastic. This summer, I became very interested in educational documentaries. The Science Channel, The History Channel, History International, and the Discovery Channel became my new outlets for entertainment. However, nothing grabbed my attention more than Planet Green’s show Future Food.

Future Food is a show about Chicago’s high-class Moto Restaurant. But this isn’t your ordinary diner. Moto’s menu (which is edible by the way), is like a page out of a chemistry book. Moto dishes fuse together science, art, and food into an interactive “multi-sensory” experience.” Guests can choose from the 10-course meal or the 20-course meal.

In order to promote his restaurant, Homario Cantu created a show on Planet Green called Future Food. On the show viewers get to see Cantu’s food experiments first-hand. Each episode has a theme that takes food to the next level. For example, the chefs create a banana split that looks exactly like a cheeseburger. Furthermore, using granola and a healthy diet drink, the chefs created items such as french fries with ketchup, cake, and onion rings that tasted like the real thing yet with healthier ingredients.

Future Food is not only entertaining, but it shows that Moto is more than a just a glamorous restaurant. It wants to change the way the world eats by cutting the fat, cutting the waste,  boosting the creativity, and boosting environmental awareness. I think the show is a great way to promote all the good things going on at Moto!

Check out this clip about Moto from the popular Food Network show, Unwrapped!

The T.O. Disaster

17 Oct

If you don’t know who Terrell Owens is then you probably don’t watch much ESPN. To catch you up, Terrell Owens plays professional football for the Cincinnati Bengals. Although many consider Owens to be one of the best players in the game, this wide receiver is known more for his dramatic off-the-field antics. Over his 14-year career, T.O. has been involved in multiple team controversies with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, a report of a suicide attempt in 2007, and an incident in which he spit in another player’s face.

If that is not enough to ruin his image, T.O. has now finished up his second season on VH1’s The T.O. Show, a show following the football player and his two publicists Kita Williams and Monique Jackson. An attempt to display another side of Owens, the show actually treats him as a supporting cast member, focusing mostly on the life of public relations professionals Williams and Jackson.

I don’t know whose idea it was to create The T.O. Show, but it definitely doesn’t help Owens’ image. In my eyes, Williams and Jackson are so hungry for fame that they say anything to make T.O. look like an easily-manipulated fool for a few laughs. In fact, the show doesn’t highlight many positive features in Owens’ life. As the show follows his quest for a romantic relationship, T.O. appears like an emotionally-unstable wreck. In addition, in one episode he shares that he doesn’t know if he loves football anymore and that he wants to focus on being a fashion model – not a good things for Bengal executives, players, and fans to hear.

T.O. may be an adult who can make his own decisions, but it is the job of a publicist to help create a positive image for the client. Somewhere among the flashing lights is where Williams and Jackson forgot what they are supposed to be doing.